Seasoned IT professional with 9+ years of Software Development with special focus on analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier applications. Strong professional expertise in web technologies, Javascript Frameworks. Good knowledge in the design and implementation of fully automated continuous integration. Successfully resolved a number of challenges that led to the performance improvement. Ability to work within strict deadlines, self-motivated, conscientious and responsible. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills aimed at improvement efficiency of the solutions implemented. Quick learner, adapts to changing business needs and environment quickly.


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    Senior Software Engineer

     —    2 years

    IEAE consultant, creating application for safeguarding nuclear materials

    • Frontend build processes
    • JS unit testing
    • Writing applications which is used by IAEA experts and section heads
    • Integration with other internal systems
    • Responsible for bootstrapping both client and server side of the application
    • Unit testing, integration and e2e testing
    • CI using TFS build server and InRelease
    • Technologies and Tools: Webpack, Angular 4, TypeScript, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Reactive Programming, WebApi, WCF, d3js, Microsoft SQL Server, EntityFramework
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    Senior Engineer

     —    a year

    Development of a Calculation Engine and Data Asset Test Tools for a corporation which provides financial, property and consumer information, analytics and business intelligence.

    • Solely responsible for designing and developing frontend app with AngularJS and .NET Web API
    • Developing web services using WCF
    • Builing application with MVC5
    • Designing and developing databases
    • Deployment and maintenance of software products
    • CI using TFS build server and Octopus
    • Implementing unit and integration tests
    • Daily meeting with customers from USA
    • Technologies and Tools: AngularJS, JQuery, e2e testing, TFS, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, WCF, C#
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    Senior Software Engineer

     —    a year

    Development for irr.ru website

    • Performed technical analysis of latest technologies
    • Provided basic guideline for E2E and unit testing
    • Implemented business requirements using AngularJS
    • Developed UI Screen using AngularJS
    • Technologies and Tools: MySQL, WebStorm, JIRA, Grunt, NodeJS, AngularJS, ExtJs, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap
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    Senior Engineer

     —    a year

    HTML5 Applications for Tablets

    • Built web interface for generating MDX queries to OLAP databases
    • Developed special grid to show OLAP tables in the web
    • Developed different app prototypes using JavaScript frameworks
    • Technologies and Tools: SQL Server, MS SQL Analysis Services, jQuery, JQuery mobile, d3js, ExtJs OLAP, MDX, SSAS .NET, C#, WCF
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    Key Software DeveloperNoor Etisal

     —    a year

    Business Evaluation Software and Project Management

    • Developed application logic using C#
    • Was responsible for designing and coding
    • Performed unit testing
    • Technologies and Tools: JQuery, CSS, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, C#
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    Key Software Developer

     —    a year

    Bank lottery application, Document Management System

    • Was responsible for requirement gathering for product design and application development
    • Implemented business logic inside stored procedures, inside c# application
    • Performed extensive database programming (sync data with bank, lottery algorithms implementations)
    • Was engaged in designing reports using Crystal Report
    • Designed a complete new interface for existing ERP application using ExtJS / Silverlight whiteboard & image editor
    • Technologies and Tools: Extjs, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Microsoft SQL Integration services, WPF, WCF, Silverlight, ADO.NET SQL, Crystal Reports
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     —    a year

    Full JavaScript based client framework (ZINO) including features like xml markup, client side proxy builder for web services, UI controls. Office automation software (Dario) embracing SOA architecture and exploiting WCF using ZINO framework

    • Was responsible for developing JavaScript UI Controls
    • Developed a JavaScript proxy builder for WCF services for client applications
    • Technologies and Tools: JavaScript, CSS, XML, XSL, XQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BizTalk, .NET, c#, BPMN, Workflow, JavaScript
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     —    8 months

    Advanced social networking platform tailored for mobile devices and streaming real-time video from the mobile to the web

    • Was responsible for developing JQuery Plugins
    • Designed and developed a complex n-tier web application
    • Designed and implemented database entities (tables, stored procedures)
    • Utilized multiple design and architectural patterns
    • Technologies and Tools: JavaScript, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL


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    Software of information technologiesBachelor

     —    5 years

    Belarusian National Technical University

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    Information technologies and systemsMaster

     —    10 months

    Belarusian National Technical University


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    • C#‍
    • T-SQL‍
    • MDX
    • JavaScript
    • Haskell
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    .NET technologies

    • ADO.NET
    • Entity Framework‍
    • LINQ‍
    • Silverlight
    • WPF
    • NHibernate‍
    • Spring.NET‍
    • WCF
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    Java script frameworks

    • React
    • Redux
    • Rxjs
    • Typescript
    • Webpack
    • NodeJs
    • Express
    • AngularJS‍
    • Bootstrap‍
    • d3.js‍
    • ExtJS‍
    • Jade‍
    • JQuery‍
    • ‍ReactJS‍
    • RequireJS‍
    • Three.js
    • lodash
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    • Karma
    • protracor
    • NUnit
    • Microsoft unit testing framework
    • Integration & e2e testing
    • Cucumber
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    • MongoDB
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    • Scrum
    • Continuous Integration‍
    • Acceptance Test-Driven Development/Behaviour Driven Development‍
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    Business intelligence tools

    • MS SQL Analysis Services‍
    • MS SQL Integration Services‍
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    Internet technologies

    • AJAX‍
    • OData‍
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    Software management

    • JIRA‍
    • Microsoft TFS‍
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    Version control system

    • GIT
    • TFS
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    • CSS
    • HTML
    • Bootstrap
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    Building tools

    • MSBuild
    • Grunt
    • Gulp
    • Ant
    • Maven
    • Webpack
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    • MVC
    • CQRS
    • Event sourcing
    • SOA
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    • Running
    • Literature
    • Philosophy


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    EnglishFull professional proficiency

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    RussianFull professional proficiency

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    FrenchElementary proficiency